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The Band

Originally formed in 2014 under the name New Project the trio of Zach Cornish (vocals and bass), Ben Cornish (guitar and backing vocals) and Dan Aston (drums) quickly established themselves on the local gig scene. Their fresh sound and energy gave them the opportunity to compete at the Rock the House competition which they subsequently won and were then asked to perform at the American Ambassador’s residence, no mean feat considering their drummer still hadn’t graduated from primary school by that time!

More gigs followed together with increasing media interest and appearances on local TV. In 2015 Ben was selected to participate on National TV as part of the Sky Arts Guitar Star series winning through to the finals. Here his talents attracted the attention of none other than the legendary Tony Iommi who has ever since acted as his mentor.

More gigs followed and saw the band supporting acts as diverse as Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Nazereth, Curved Air and Snakecharmer. This period allowed the band to cement their stage craft and they decided to change their name to Ethyrfield in 2017 to reflect their new level of maturity and released their debut self titled EP.

The band continued making waves in 2018 winning the Metal 2 The Masses shows for the West Country securing them a position at the 2018 Bloodstock festival supporting Judas Priest, Nightwish and Gojira and the strength of their performance on the Introducing Stage at the 2018 Giants of Rock festival led them performing on the main stage at the Giants of Rock festival in January 2019 alongside Skid Row, AC/DCs Chris Slade and FM.

2019 saw the release of Ethyrfield's second EP - Taurus - and has seen Ethyrfield playing at numerous festivals including Hard Rock Hell 13 along with Diamond Head and Michael Monroe. 

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, Ethyrfield didn't get to do many gigs throughout the summer, however they were able to perform at a social distanced gig at The Yard in Cornwall. They also recorded an Album at Momentum Studios which will be released early next year.

For a list of upcoming gigs, see

See Ethyrfield's video of "Ignitor" here:

Individual and Band Pictures

Zach Cornish
[Download Original]

Ben Cornish
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Dan Aston
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EP Artwork

Taurus EP [Download Image]

Ethyrfield EP [Download Image]

Reviews / Comments

"In what should have been a mid afternoon filler slot, were local rising stars Ethyrfield. Rising? Jesus Christ these guys are heading upwards like a launch from Cape Carnaveral!"

Devils Gate Media. November 2019. Read the full review here.

"An astonishing, confident and jaw-dropping performance"

Down the Front Media. July 2019. Read the full Live Reference here

"Young talent like this doesn’t come along very often"

Rock Media UK. July 2019.  Read the full review here.

"Remember their name – Ethyrfield"

Devils Gate Media. November 2018.  Read the full review here.

"I am predicting Ethyrfield are UKs answer to Greta Van Fleet"

Toby Winch - Hard Rock Hell Radio DJ. October 2018

"Definitely a band to watch out for!" 

Dennis Jarman, Planet Mosh. August 2018.  Read the full review of Ethyrfield's Bloodstock set here

"I saw this band when they supported 'Bad Touch' at The Wharf in Devon. I never expect much from support bands and when I saw their age I wandered back to the bar - they are very young and the drummer is a mere thirteen years of age. And then they started to play their set. I stopped dead in my tracks and headed straight back to the stage. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. They are just incredible and they'll root you to the spot with a performance and songwriting way beyond their years - they made my spine shiver several times during their set. You'll want more, and I hope it's coming lads."

Nigel Follett - Social Media Manager for The Wharf, Tavistock. April 2017

Live Video

Complete set from a socially distanced gig at The Yard in Cornwall, September 2020

"I watch a lot of new bands all the time, and while I'm no expert, I'm pretty good at picking winners. Last night I watched a band called Ethyrfield. I feel mentioning their age a bit of a disservice to them because although they had a combined age of about 46 they played like seasoned professionals. Playing well structured, intelligent, catchy original material and the odd cover with flair and exceptional talent, they were tighter than a lot of semi pro bands I've seen. I really felt I was watching the beginnings of something pretty special. If you get the chance to see them, do yourself a favour and go. I was blown away."

Elizabeth Walke, Plymouth. August 2017

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